Important Information Regarding Georgia’s New Law Banning Handheld Devices While Driving


On May 2nd Governor Nathan Deal signed into law,  H.B. 673 making Georgia the 16th state to ban using a cell phone, including texting, shooting video or reading off a cellphone while driving unless drivers have a hands-free device. The use of GPS while driving is still allowed.

According to an article published on May 16th by Insurance Journal, “the bill goes into effect on July 1, 2018, after which time first-time offenders caught with a wireless device while driving will face a fine of $300 to $450. A first offense will also add three points to a driver’s license.”

“We have seen first hand that Georgia drivers are unaware of the new law and exactly what is soon to be considered illegal.”

– Bob Norton, President of the Insurance Division of  The Norton Agency.

Norton Agency Insurance, one of the States premier Insurance agencies since 1920, encourages drivers to read the details of this important new law and to heed the warning of State and Local officials to change their driving habits, now.

The new law may seem tough on those who are used to checking their phone while driving.  The law is designed to help save lives and the strict new “One touch only” and prohibits the use of  “more than a single button on a wireless telecommunications device to initiate 113 or terminate a voice communication- (Per section 112 (1) of H.B.673)”. Drivers must make changes to driving habits and must restrict the use of phones or other communication devices before the new law takes effect on July 1st.  We hope that this new law will prevent accidents and will save lives. We encourage everyone to #justdrive